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Samsung Electro-Mechanics will grow to become a components company with top-notch technology.

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Greetings. I am Chang Duckhyun, President & CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Welcome to the Samsung Electro-Mechanics website.

At Samsung Electro-Mechanics, we have set challenging goals and have been working with top experts in respective fields. By offering the No. 1 products, we will achieve sustainable growth despite challenging external environments.

To become a top-notch tech company, we will continue to challenge ourselves in all areas, including development, technology, quality, safety, and environment.

With the best products and solutions, we strive to provide a valuable experience for all. We ask for your continued interest and support for Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
Thank you.

Chang Duckhyun
President & CEO of Samsung Electro-Mechanics

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