Shareholders Composition (End of 2021)

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - 23.7%, Individual Stockholder - 23.7%, Foreigners - 28.4%, Owned Stocks - 2.7%, Institutional hareholder - 21.6%

Stocks Owned by Major Shareholders (End of 2021)

Stocks Owned by Major Shareholders (End of 2021) Shareholder, No. of Stocks Owned, Percentage, Relationship with the Company
Shareholder No. of Stocks Owned Percentage Relationship
with the Company
Samsung Electronics 17,693,084 23.7% Largest Shareholder
National Pension 7,767,553 10.4% None

* The above figures are as of December 31, 2021, the closing date of the latest shareholder register. The number of shares owned and share ratios are based on common stocks.