Quality Assurance

Samsung Electro-Mechanics reinforces internal competencies by forming business units that can communicate logically and scientifically and by boosting the collective intelligence and learning new products and new quality techniques.

Continued inspection takes place based on the ISO 9001 management system. Root causes include observation, measurement and in-process quality assurance to prevent quality accidents. The BS (Before Service) activities are performed for us to secure global quality competitiveness through customer-oriented thinking. Through this, we achieved customer satisfaction of 96.1 points in 2016. Through customer-intimate management spearheaded by each business division, we maintain the highest rating.

Quality Assurance - Internal Capacity Fortification, Quality Improvement, Preventing Disqualified Products from Leakage description Image
  • Internal Capacity Fortification

    ISO Based Continual Auditing

    Unique Internal
    Quality Approving
  • Quality Improvement

    Investigating Root cause

    Quality Accident
  • Preventing Disqualified Products from Leakage

    Customer Centric Thinking

    Top-Tier Quality
    Products with
    Consent of

Product Safety

Product Safety Standardization Certification

Samsung Electro-Mechanics strictly complies to the domestic and international regulations, such as the Safety Standard, the Electro Magnetic Compatibility, the Communication Standard and Standby Power related processes. This contributed to reduced lead-time, higher product quality competitiveness and increased sales. Also, this has helped us to have more effective working processes to secure customer safety.

Product Liability

Every new product produced by Samsung Electro-Mechanics needs to go through product liability tests (fire, injury, pollution, explosion, poisoning, electric shock etc.), conducted by an internal team manager who is exclusively responsible for this role. By following the Utilizing Product Liability Prevention checklist, we make sure that there are no safety problems in all production processes starting from the product design, test analysis, hazardous tests, packaging and labeling. Along with CS units, Samsung Electro-Mechanics establishes a system to prevent the manufacturing of products with PL accident potentials and to counter their re-occurrence in advance from a PLD (Product Liability Defense) perspective.

We prepare ourselves against damage compensation by periodically subscribing to the PL insurance. We have acquired our certification through international authoritative organizations (UL, CSA, T UV, Nemko, KTL, FCC, VCCI, NRCan and US Energy Star, etc.) of different countries for new products.