Company 2021.11.26

Newsroom Page Reorganization

▶ Enhancing customer convenience and improving article readability
▶ Providing curation services such as related articles and popular articles


Samsung Electro-Mechanics has improved the Newsroom page on its website. Here are the improvements made.
Enhanced customer convenience 


Except for the header image at the top, Newsroom has been reorganized so that you can browse the latest news faster. The Press Release tab was added to provide a collection of official press releases. You can easily search for a variety of articles using the search bar in the middle of the page.
The Newsletter category has been reorganized to make it easier to check past newsletters. Subscribe to monthly newsletters to receive the latest news from Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Improved article readability 


We have improved overall readability so that you can read articles at a glance on any device. Check out the main content with sub-headings and minor headings. You can also share our articles through multiple social media channels and download reference images as attachments.

Curation services 


Using the banners to see related articles and to subscribe to newsletters on the right side, you can check out related news of Samsung Electro-Mechanics more conveniently. Popular Articles on the Newsroom page show the most viewed articles in the last three months. Check out which articles are most viewed by people who are interested in Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will continue to improve its website so that customers can use it more conveniently.